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7 Reasons Every Believer Should Wear Christian T-shirts

Wearing Christian T-shirts might not seem like a method of evangelism, but it is. Ok, it's not quite as grand as crossing the seas with a Bible and a sleeping bag, but it is an excellent way to represent God in day-to-day life.
Here are 7 reasons why every believer should own a few tees that reflect their faith:

1. You become a walking gospel tract

I have a friend who hands out tracts as he walks down the street. It's inspiring and means he isn't limited to any 'time of evangelism'. Wearing a Christian T-shirt has a similar effect, except you become the gospel tract! Everywhere you go, your T-shirt can point people to Jesus.
A walking gospel tract cartoon with a gospel tract on legs, representing Christian T-shirt wearers.

2. They show what you believe

It's generally best to share that you're a Christian when you first meet someone. If your identity in Christ is the most important aspect of who you are, it's great if people see that. Christian clothing is an excellent way to emphasise your faith in a humble yet shameless way.
A man boldly stretching out his arms on a mountaintop with the word 'Show' behind, representing Christian T-shirts showing your faith.

3. They inspire gospel conversations

Christian T-shirts often inspire curiosity and prompt conversations relating to God, faith and the Bible. This could increase the number of opportunities to share the gospel naturally.
Two women in conversation, supposedly talking about the gospel on the basis of a Christian T-shirt.

4. No speech required

Speaking up for God and His word is super important. Wearing Christian clothing doesn't take away our calling to speak. But before we say a word, God could use your Christian tee to reach those around you! This is ideal considering that the majority of people we see, we'll never say a word to. 
A man holding his finger to his lips as a symbol of silence.

5. They encourage believers

Christian T-shirts aren't only for the lost, they can also be an excellent way to inspire and uplift believers around you! I can't count the number of times a Christian tee has greatly impacted me. They often feature Bible verses and words of encouragement and hope. So while I would encourage you to wear them around unbelieving friends, they're also brilliant for church.
Supposedly a group of Christians outside a church building, representing encouragement.

6. They edify the wearer

In our busy lives, we often get caught up in worldly matters. Wearing a Christian T-shirt serves as a self-reminder to keep God at the centre of our lives. In Deuteronomy 6:6-9, God's people were told to publish God's commands everywhere (on their hands, foreheads, doorposts & gates) as a reminder of them! Having God's word on our clothing is an epic way to remain conscious of the God we trust in!
A man wearing a Christian T-shirt and smiling with joy.

7. They're made for Christians

If you think about it, it's pretty crazy that so many of us splash out for a tick, three stripes or someone else's name on our clothing. It makes so much more sense to wear something that reflects our interests as individuals. Christian clothing is designed for believers and in that way, what could be better?
A man and woman wearing Christian T-shirts with the words, 'Premium Unisex Christian Clothing' in the background.

Wrapping things up

Representing Jesus through clothing is a gospel opportunity that no Christian should overlook. They point people to Jesus, inspire conversations about Jesus & encourage those who trust in Jesus. It's time to wear your faith on your sleeve – literally – and let your clothing spread His good news everywhere you go!
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Grace & peace.
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