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10 Creative Ways To Share The Gospel That Don't Involve Preaching

As Christians, we're called to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). In a sense, we're all evangelists. Yet we aren't all full-time street preachers. That's why, today, we'll look at ten creative ways to share the gospel (that don't involve preaching):


1. Use social media 

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This is number one on the list because it's a platform where friends go to hear each other. Think about it. Every day, most people spend over 2 hours on social media, where they can access our thoughts. They may disagree with us and could take offence from time to time, but what an opportunity!

Here are three ways you can use social media for God's glory:


Share the gospel

Let's not beat around the bush. We've got good news to share! You don't have to overthink how you'll come across. People like honesty. You could begin with, "Hi everyone, I want to briefly share what I believe for those who are interested:", and then go for it. As long as you're clear and polite, you may find unexpected people liking your post.


Share your testimony

This is something every Christian should do. Not only will people take an interest in your story, but they'll also learn what Jesus means to you. This is an opportunity to showcase the gospel message through your story. Just keep in mind that people may not want to know about your pet goldfish. Attention spans can be short, so stick to the main points and keep it brief.


Share Christian media

Share Christian video clips or music that resonates well with your friendship circle. A great place to start is sharing Christian testimonies from IAmSecond. You can also find short Christian clips on platforms such as Fervr, GoChatterVideos, and GodTube. I hope you're excited to share the gospel with friends and family through social media.


2. Create Christian content

A mug with the word 'Create', representing creative Christian content.

Creating content may sound like a big deal, but it is more accessible than many think. We may not all be movie directors or have golden singing voices, but most of us have smartphones. Here are some simple ways to create content using a mobile device:


Create encouraging videos

You could record yourself sharing a short Bible verse, encouragement or thought. This could be posted on social media in a few clicks or sent to friends on WhatsApp. You could even start a YouTube channel and upload videos to share with friends and family. (A sneaky plug: my Dad made a YouTube channel for Spurgeon sermons which is doing quite well.) In this way, you "free two birds with one key" by encouraging believers and pointing others to Jesus! Plus, you should find it a blessing for yourself!


Create Bible verse images

YouVersion's Bible app has over 500 million users worldwide. You may be one of them. If not, what are you waiting for? They've introduced a feature where you can create images for any Bible verse you'd like to share. To learn how, click here to follow their guide and share away! Many smartphones also allow users to add text to images within their photo gallery.


Create a podcast

Making a podcast is a breeze, thanks to free platforms like Spotify for Podcasters. Just sign up, record your voice and share. If you're feeling extra creative, Spotify for Podcasters allows users to add music to jazz things up. These podcasts will be available on many platforms, including Spotify!


3. Start a blog

A laptop with a notebook, representing Christian blogging.

If you're a little camera shy, you may prefer writing. Blogging is a fantastic way to share your thoughts and experiences with others. This is easier than it sounds with free platforms like Blogger & Medium. Sign up, type away and hit that share button.


4. Write a gospel tract

A hand holding out a Christian gospel tract.

Another creative evangelism idea is to design and distribute a gospel tract. You can order Gospel tracts online and in Christian bookshops, but why not write your own? You could type up an open letter for your neighbours or design a traditional folded tract with a cover.


5. Create a church magazine

An open magazine representing a church publication.

Your church could write articles and compile a church magazine for local distribution. Our church has done this for several years. This could include testimonies, reflections, activities and some info about your church. Canva provides free design templates that are excellent for this sort of thing!


6. Use the holidays

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The holidays can be a great time to share your faith with others. Whether it's writing Christmas cards or giving out Easter goodies with Christian literature, there are many creative ways to share the gospel during holiday celebrations. My Mum, for instance, writes one card for a different friend or loved one for every day of Lent. And since there's a holiday every day of the year, you could get started right away!


7. Wear the gospel

An image of a man and woman wearing Christian clothing as an excellent Christian gift idea with the words: 'Premium Unisex Christian Clothing'.

Wearing Christian clothing is another excellent way to share the gospel! Christian T-shirts are brilliant conversation-starters that point people to Jesus for you. They speak even when you don't. Wearing Christian clothing is an effective way to represent Jesus everywhere you go. Feel free to explore the growing collection here at 3rd Day for some inspiration.


8. Use conversation

Two young women having a deep conversation in the open outdoors.

Sharing the gospel with your voice is the most effective method of reaching people for Jesus! At least, it's the most biblical. Yet where do we start? Here are some ideas:


Let people know you're a Christian

This is best to do early on to show that your faith in Jesus is foundational to who you are. This often leads to great questions and opens doors for further conversation.


Ask deep questions

Questions are super important since they provide a loving way to direct conversations. People love being asked questions. Some questions are more likely to encourage thoughts about God than others. Here are some "deep questions" you could use:

‚ÄĘ Would you consider yourself a spiritual person?
‚ÄĘ Do you believe there's a God?
‚ÄĘ What do you think about religion/Christianity?
‚ÄĘ What do you think about Jesus/His teachings?
‚ÄĘ What gives meaning and purpose to your life?

‚ÄĘ What do you think happens after we die?


Seek opportunities to mention Jesus

Biblical truths are relevant to every conversation. Remember, God is the creator of all people and all things. His Word pretty much covers every discussion topic there is. By prayerfully being on the lookout, opportunities should present themselves. Ask God for wisdom, and He has promised to give it to you (James 1:5).


9. Join your church

A large gathering of people holding their hands together, representing the church

Don't go at it alone. We're called to share the gospel as a collective unit. Your local church should already have outreach opportunities you can take part in. If not, you could help to get things off the ground! You could set up a table with free Bibles, run a door-to-door survey or hand out tracts. Whatever method of evangelism you choose, being together makes a big difference. It builds unity and encourages consistency as you keep each other accountable. 


10. Decorate your space

A Christian decal on a white wall with the words: This family is set apart for His glory.

In Deuteronomy 11, God encourages His people to keep His words in their hearts. He says, 'Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates' (v20). We can do the same today through Christian home decor (fridge magnets, canvases etc.). Having a Bible verse poster on the front window of your home is an ideal way to reach passers-by. If you own a car, Christian stickers are a great way to point people to Jesus while you drive. You could even decorate your mobile phone with a Christian case or wallpaper. These small details could make a big difference while reminding you of God's word wherever you go.


I hope these creative ideas inspire you to share the good news of Jesus in a variety of ways! To represent Jesus everywhere you go, why not check out 3rd Day's growing range of premium yet affordable Christian clothing?

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