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What is the central message of Christianity? | A Short Answer in Simple Terms

Where we find the central message of  Christianity

The central message of Christianity doesn’t derive from the quote of a chanting madman. It is rooted in historical accounts spanning thousands of years, recorded in a collection of books commonly known as ‘the Bible’. So, the Bible isn’t just another religious book, it’s an accurate record of history from the beginning of time. It follows the human family tree from the very first humans, detailing names, lifespans and key events along the way.

The Message of Christianity: The Background

So what is its message? The message of Christianity is really the message about Jesus Christ. It begins thousands of years before Jesus was born and could be summarised like this: God created the first two humans, Adam and Chavah (aka Eve) in a world without suffering or death. God gave us free will and the opportunity to obey or disobey Him through a simple command. Since God is good, He has perfect justice and warned that disobedience would lead to the introduction of ‘death’. Sadly, that’s what happened, and ever since, humans have been separated from God. The first child murdered his brother and we also reject God’s way.

The Message of Christianity: The Good News

God, being good, can’t overlook evil. However, He is also compassionate & merciful. Rather than instantly rolling the credits on humanity, He has planned a day of judgment. In His mercy, He set apart a nation, Israel and through prophets promised to send a Rescuer! Yeshua (Jesus) — God’s very Son — came in fulfilment of those prophecies. He lived the perfect life we’ve failed to live, died in place of all who believe in Him and came back to life, defeating death! Anyone who trusts in Him will be reunited with God, able to call Him Father, transformed by His Holy Spirit & will one day rise again to live with Him forever!


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